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Name: Sara (Also so known by team mates as Splash!)

How long paddling: Glyn how long have I been paddling plz? Lol - Since April 2017!

Fav race: The best for me so far has been Swanage! Beautiful surroundings, chilled laid back beach vibes and no pressure to look or be the best! Best non race experience: Best thing is that I've met so many like minded (slightly crazy) adventurous and fun people and shared lots of laughs!

What tip would you give to anyone wanting to race: Don't worry if you're not the fastest or fittest as long as you're the one crossing the finishing line whose had the most fun and with a smile on your face you're an absolute winner! Also don't worry about falling in, remember the best racers didn't get where they are by only standing on their board!

Name: Glyn (Occasionally called 'Riptide' due to a large amount of wake coming off the back of the board.)

How long paddling: On a SUP, since April 2017.  I've had around 30 years experience of canoes and kayaks.

Fav race: Possiby Swanage.  Fab location (dn't mention the wind!) and basically a weekend on the beach with a bunch of mates.  Best race was probably Race 3 of the 2018 GBSUP series (At the National Watersports Festival in Rutland) - another extremely silly weekend, but I managed 5th in the 10Km race and 2nd in the sprints.

What tip would you give to anyone wanting to race: Just do it!  The N1SCO races are extremely welcoming and there's the complete spectrum of paddlers from novices upto pros.  It's a great way to improve your paddling!

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